Cricket Lane Movie Club 2001

July 1, 2001 While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock vehicle from a few years ago.

JD: it was OK but it got cheesier and cheesier towards the end.

July 8, 2001 Best In Show

Mock documentary about the Mayflower Dog Show. Preceded by the Woods Hole premiere of the shorts "The Bad Egg" and "Bob".

JP: That was the funniest movie I've ever seen!
JG: I really liked it! A must-see for all members of the Reese lab - it explains a lot...
TR: Good movie! But the dogs weren't that memorable - it was actually a movie about people!
J (JP's visiting friend): I really don't get this dog thing at all
JD: I kept wondering if Tom was feeling insulted

July 15, 2001 Throne of Blood (Mark)

Re-make of Shakespeare's MacBeth, set in medieval Japan. Directed by Akira Kurosawa, with Toshiro Mifune.

TR: That was a cheery movie. You know, the story isn't much, but they made a good movie out of it.
JD: I liked it!
JD: The girl always gets you in the end!
MT: I liked the witch, the forest and Mrs MacBeth.
TR (next day): (synopsis) - I've been into Shakespeare the last year and went home and looked at MacBeth last night. Shakespeare developed character with words, but a japanese samurai has to do it with action, and Kurosawa did a great job of transposing the words into action.

July 22, 2001

Tom brought the Roman Polanski version of "MacBeth" but it got too late to show it

August 12, 2001 Chicken Run (Joe)

Nick Park and Peter Lord of the "Wallace and Gromit" series go to Hollywood and make a full length claymation film.

JD: "it was great!"

August 19, 2001

Tom and Sonya chose "Gypsy Paradise"(?), an acclaimed Yugoslavian film by Kosturica about gypsy life. Unfortunately, this was also Sonya's goodbye party, and it got too late to show this one. However, "Falmouth Road Race 2001", a time lapse of the beginning of the race, was given its world premiere.

August 26, 2001 Titanic

Blockbuster epic with Kate Winslet, Leonardo di Caprio and a big ship. Mark rented the movie to test out the cricket lane sound system, and because the time was late, we ended up watching "reel 2" (the sinking), rather than Tom's choice of Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" (3.5 hrs), or "Beat the Devil".

TR: "Yucky"
TR: "The leads were so unattractive. I wouldn't want to sleep with either of them!"
AD: "Me neither! Hey, we finally agree on something!"
MD: "The movie was interesting culturally because in the past, none of them showed the boy sacrificing for the girl..."
general: "what? huh? ....."
JP: "It was stupid, but so what?"
JD: "I've seen lots of movies that were much worse that this"
MT: "Hey, it's just a hollywood movie!"