sometime in the early 1990's: Steve Smith brought the pieces for a confocal microscope to MBL and assembled it on a Newport air table in the Neurobiology course. M Terasaki was quite impressed!

summer 1999: M Terasaki met Noam Ziv at MBL, who generously offered use of his software.

december 1999: M Terasaki went to Steve Smith's lab to see the latest version of the confocal microscope

spring 2000: M Terasaki begins ordering parts for the microscope, compiles software and gets galvos to scan. Some of the pieces are brought to MBL for the summer, but there was little progress

Fall 2000, spring 2001: M Terasaki gets PMT and makes first attempts to align galvos.

Summer 2001: Gal and Ernie in the Neurobiology course take this on as a student project.