course party recipes
august 11, 2000

Green onions and cashews
~2 bunches green onions
1 can cashews (~$5)

Cut the green onions into 1-1.5 inch long segments.
Heat up cooking oil in a wok. throw in some hot red pepper flakes to warm up.
Put in the green onions and cashews and cook until the green onions are wilted

Basil squid
Get as much basil as you can
2 green peppers
~2 bunches green onions
squid mantles, cut in rings
one tube anchovy paste (fish sauce can probably substitute)

Cut everything up and put in a big bowl
Dump it all into a wok with hot cooking oil with some hot red pepper flakes
Sitr everything around to get even cooking. The basil and squid cook at about the same rate. It's done when the basil is dark green and limp, and the squid has just turned white.

Mango squid
Go to your local supermarket and root through the mangoes, and try to find a green mango(s)
Squid mantles, cut in rings

lime juice
fish sauce
unfortunately, no measurements available. the basic idea is to add the fish sauce to the lime juice and cilantr, then add sugar as you are tasting the sauce. stop adding sugar when the fish sauce taste has been neutralized.

Peel and cut the mango into slices. marinate in the sauce in the refrigerator
Probably the best way to cook this (not the way that was done at the party!) is to saute the squid first in cooking oil (cook until it is just turning white), remove it from the wok, heat up the mangos then mix the in squid.


See the movie!

bring a dewar of liquid nitrogen
lemonade (we used paul newman's lemonade) or grapefruit juice (tropicana at this party)
large slotted spoon, large wooden salad fork, or similar.

In a big bowl, pour in the juice and add sugar. unfortunately, we have no measurements on this, but you must add some, because the frozen juice doesn't taste sweet enough. on the other hand, you don't need to add that much. add the liquid nitrogen and stir with the slotted spoon. The whole process takes about five minutes, and will require adding liquid nitrogen several times. The purpose of stirring is to speed up the freezing and also to prevent local formation of ice chunks.

Other Dishes at the Party

Korean barbecued beef (and chicken) (by Mark W)

Fried Won Ton (by Rachel)

Argentinian barbecued salmon (and chicken) (by Jim G and Joe D)

Taboule (by Carolyn)