What a Wonderful Course It Will Be

Don't know much about microscopy
Or molecular bi-ology
What's electrophysiology?
Don't know much about no CCD...

But I almost patched a cell,
An' my partner can pipette like hell
We'll find somethin out to tell,
What a wonderful course it will be

Don't know much about the bench I took,
Geiger counter made me scared to look.
Never 'gain will I PCR
Shit! I dropped the electrode jar


Now I don't want to sleep through the lectures,
I'm tryin' to learn
But maybe by killing my culture early,
I'll get to play guitar

No mo' electrophysiology,
No molecular biology...
Best of all no more imaging,
But we'll keep on skinny dipping.
But I do know that I made it through
And if you can only make it too
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world - it will be