Room 2 2K

The Regulars:

Jim Galbraith - Late night experiment and Strikes a pose

Paul Gallant Too shy to have his picture taken

Mark Terasaki The highlight of his summer!


The Undergraduate:

Heidi Hutchins - The Movie


The Usual Suspects:

Tom Reese - With Wicket; June 1 - F2 party - Finally gets his pew

Rindy Jaffe - Reading about edible plants

Joe DiGiorgis - Cap'n Joe!

Andy Giusti - Doing some microinjection

Sid Tamm - What do you know, it's me!


Some Visitors:

Ian Galbraith

Bob Morris and his students Julia and Amy - Bob talks to a microtubule deity

and - the latest in clay animation!

Paul McNeil (forgot to get a picture)

Jorge Moreira - A message to his fans

Aravi Samuel

Jenny LaVail - at Tom's party

Neurobiology course students - time lapse in the lab

Linda Runft


Room 2 items:

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The Layout


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