Original footage was shot on a camcorder. The video was fed into a Power Computing Macintosh clone with a miromotion DC20 video capture board and audio was plugged into the microphone input on the computer. The program Adobe Premiere was used to do the capturing. Video was captured at 160 x 120 pixel size 30 frames per sec, audio at 11 kHz 8 bit mono. It was converted to a quick time movie with the same frame and sampling rate, then flattened (made playable on non-macintosh computers) with the program Movie Player. I had some enormous problems because I used the miromotion DC20 compression for capture, and also for making the movies. I did not realize that movies made with this compression couldn't be read on other computers without the capture card, so after I finally figured that out, I went back and compressed the movies using cinepak compression. The audio was additionally a big headache, because the loudness was either too low when taken from "audio out" of the camcorder, or too high when taken from the "earphones". That still hasn't been quite resolved.

We are using the program MacHTTP (Mac freeware) to run the web site at We will probably switch to Quid Pro Quo soon.

To look at the web pages / movies as we were making them, we used Netscape 3.0 on Macintoshes, with Quicktime 2.5 and the netscape quicktime plug-in version 1.1.

The html files for the web pages were just typed in by hand generally in Simple Text. More recently, we've been using Claris Home Page.