July 4, 1997. The first Indian Wrestling Championship took place in 1996 between T.S. Reese and C. Waterman-Storer, with Reese victorious. Waterman-Storer challenged Reese in the 1997 Indian Wrestling Championship, with Reese victorious again. Unfortunately, neither match was video taped. This movie clip shows an exhibition match that occurred on the same day, in which Reese took on both Waterman-Storer and C.L. Smith. (Waterman-Storer in white jersey, C.L. Smith in pink, and Reese stripped to the waist)

Because of her un-sportsmanlike conduct, C. Waterman-Storer has been banned for 1 year from Indian Wrestling.

See the Indian Wrestling Championship Match 1997 #2 at the Neurobiology Course party, August 15, 1997.