Room 2, 1998

Room 2 Virtual Reality! (Requires quicktime VR 2.0 plug in) 


Paul Gallant

David Levitan

Jessica Ciralsky: At the piano

Michelle Schlief

Jim Galbraith

Mark Terasaki:
"I'm not asleep - I'm thinking!"

Laurinda Jaffe

David Serwanski (honorary)

Dave makes dinner!

Guests & visitors

Paul McNeil: Will you stop it, please!

Josh Zimmerberg

Joseph DiGiorgis

(special Guest) Tom Reese

Parting words to the Neurobiology course students

And: Fun in the water

Andy Giusti

Want to stare down its mouth?


Beth Hinkle

This one's mine!

Ian Galbraith: Movie, and Sounds

Jan Ellenberg

Home Improvements, 1998
Removal of tissue culture hood and incubator from room 2B
New top shelf over the sink
New (truncated) table for axon microinjections
New pentium II computer to operate the confocal microscope
New shelves in room 2A
Balance and pH meter
Front door planed
New door for room 2B

New equipments for experiments
UV Facility for dynein cleavage
-4 degree C ethanol bath (converted water bath) for microtubule depolymerization