Cricket Lane 1998

Home Improvements:
Porch was painted
Drain in basement was discovered and opened
Fluorescent lamp in the kitchen was fixed
Bathroom ceiling was painted, mildew removed.
New shelf put in kitchen for coffee maker
Mirror system installed for enlarging the video projector image
Drier installed in basement
Front door painted
Spotlight installed for night time barbecues
Hammock installed in back (picture shows location only, because
a ground hog started chewing it to pieces)

Kitchen adventures
Rhode Island clam chowder
vietnamese rice paper rolls
Brownies of all types:
plain, armagnac, orange peel, peanut butter, mint, thai.

Andy Giusti, Beth Hinkle
Mark Terasaki, Rindy Jaffe
Jim Galbraith
Jorge Moreira

Special housemate
David Serwanski

Housemates for a week or two
Cathy & Ian Galbraith
Jan Ellenberg

Linda Runft
Lisa Mehlmann, Mark Pixley, Andrea
Susan, Rich, Katie Ratzan

Videos watched
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
A River Runs Through It
Spitfire Grill
As Good As It Gets
Star Wars
Reservoir Dogs
Old Man and the Sea
Hard Boiled
The Killer
Candy Mountain;
The Thin Blue Line
One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest
The Usual Suspects
World According to Garp
Albino Alligator
Shadow of a Doubt
The Big Lebowski
Quest for Fire
Boogie Nights

Marine Transportation
The Vesicle (head on view)
The Vesicle (from the side, a little low in the water)
Next year? The Terrapin

Piano pieces
Goldberg variation #1 (1st part)
Goldberg variation #25 (1st part)
Goldberg variation #30 (1st part)
Gigue (1st part), Partita #6