MBL Neurobiology Course 2K

Nella's Neuron (stereo movie of a developing Rohon-Beard cell in zebrafish)

How Nella's Neuron was made

Vanessa and Jean (tuesday afternoon)

NMJ wars: a clay animation by Jean, Haining and Claire

Some course party recipes

How to make liquid nitrogen sorbet - The Movie(s)!

Lost and Found - anyone lose a brown Eddie Bauer sweater at the party?

some pictures - polaroids found behind the piano a few weeks later

How to make a clay animation

What is this object????

"The Missing Lecture" - Carolyn Smith couldn't give her lecture on time lapse microscopy, so the course directors asked The Worm to send us his famous video about time lapse.

An attempt at a Stereo Movie

A day at the MRC - the Torpedo in the tank (Laura, Gene, Tamily, Tom, John)