Neurobiology Course 1999

Scenes: June 8, 1999

Scenes: August 7, 1999

class lecture July 28, 1999 (Tom: partial)

class lecture July 30, 1999 (Steve and Kerry)

A view out the window (9 am to 12 noon, 1 min interval)

An afternoon in the lab (~1 pm to ~6 pm, 2 minute interval; August 6)

Dr.Kerry Delaney

Kerry's Squid Page

How to bug Kerry

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August 13, 1999

Scenes from the Student Final Presentations: Stereo and Stereo 2

Clean up - starting from ~3 pm, 1 min intervals - lots of activity, but was anything cleaned up?!?

Course Party, Friday the 13th - it wasn't unlucky after all!

Course party recipes

Video of ceremony and skits (taken by Joann Buchanan) available upon request from Dan Madison

Skits - sound and movies - stay tuned. To include:

If I only studied brain!

Kiss and Run

The Dead Slice Skit

Pork Chop Boy and Captain Squid discuss the Future of Neurobiology

Electrode Man!

The Titanic Struggle

The Mystery Skit

The Gary Banker Memorial Essay Award - we're working on getting a copy

"The Worm" - version shown at party, but with sound!
(shrunken down to 19 MB, unfortunately can't read writing)
Jim G is working on an improved version - stay tuned

Steve and the Photon Torpedoes

Lyrics - Wonderful Course; Lyrics - Can't always get what you want

Message from Cricket Lane

From confocal microscope rotation in Week 1

mitosis of a sea urchin egg (Jim, Alessandra, Marco)

fertilization Ca wave in sea urchin (Sabina, Xiang, Ko)

injection of a starfish oocyte (Anna, Greg, Miri)

abnormal fertilization Ca wave (eggs were too old) (Matt, Melissa, Aravi)


Random experimental results

Retina stained with DiI (Ko)

Sound of The Balzers (Jennifer P)

Exocytosis of sea urchin egg cortical granules - (Josh, Mark, Jennifer) - an experiment suggested during a lecture (with bodipy sphingomyelin)

From Neurobiology Course 1998

"The Principle", a movie by Tom Reese and Mark Terasaki

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