Room 2
Loeb Building
Marine Biological Labs
Summer 1996


Jim Galbraith

Paul Gallant

Mark Terasaki

"At Work", a 500 kB movie

Rindy Jaffe - "Look At That!", a 420 kB movie

Manish Pant

Michelle Schlief

Clare Waterman-Storer

"It's Mitosis, Duh", a 1 MB movie

Honorary Denizen

David Serwanski

Various loiterers:

Jorge Moreira

Tom Reese

Sid Tamm

Jennifer Peterson

Dimitar Nikolov

Watson Reese-Smith

"Speak", a 400 kB movie

and Joe DiGiorgis


Cathy Galbraith

Paul McNeil
Teresa Jones Josh Zimmerberg

Floor plan

Microscope list:
BioRad MRC 600 (NIH)
BioRad MRC 600 (UConn)
Zeiss IM for microinjection of cultured cells
Zeiss IM for video enhanced DIC of squid axons
7 dissecting scopes
Zeiss ID02 inverted tissue culture scope
Zeiss standard for injecting eggs

Other equipment

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