August 15, 1997 - 12 Cricket Lane

Indian Wrestling Match, Eric & Tom 2.1 MByte movie

Dinner (with recipes)

44th Graduation Exercises

Processional - Pomp and Circumstance
by The Faculty Hummers & The Cricket Ensemble

The Platform Tennis Prize -
A Beautiful Memento of Woods Hole
Presented by Gary

"If I Only Worked on Brain" (apologies to Harold Arlen, 1939)
Mark and Josh (unfortunately not recorded)

Demonstration of Kiss and Run, Carolyn & Tom 2.2 MByte

A Musical Interlude, Ellie and the Electrodes 0.9 MBytes

Ode to EMBEEL, Phil 0.8 MBytes sound file

The Dead Slice Sketch, Dan & Kerry 3 MBytes sound file

The Elegie (Faure), Jorge & Mark 1.4 MBytes sound file The Zeiss Cup Libation

Good Bye (in German)
Tom, Watson, Wicket

Pomp and Circumstance
The Faculty Hummers and The Cricket Ensemble

Presentation of Diplomas & Prizes from the Microscopy Section
Steve, Gary, Dan

The Godot Award

Who's on First? the Cricket Players (Gary & Tom) 3.1 MBytes sound file

Presentation of Remaining Prizes
The Faculty

Wonderful World, Steve and the Photon Torpedoes 4.0 MB guitar solo! 4.0 mb

The Riposte
The Student Body

Au Revoir
Dan et al

Fireworks 2.1 MB movie (actually taken July 4, 1997, but it was about the same)


New! Time lapse of the students during lecture! short (1.0 MB) or long (3.7 MB)

And, What you never knew about Eel Pond!

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